Voyeur Diaries

The Kissing Booth


My Burning Man camp was set up next to a delightful kissing booth, cheekily named, “The Kissing Poof,” after the flame that would appear every time people kissed. On this particular evening, my friends and I were lounging on the lawn, watching as people jumped off their bicycles to snag a kiss from the booth.

Behind the kissing booth were a man and a woman. She had dark features and brown eyes. I’d guess she was possibly in her 40’s. Her petite frame was adorned with a fur coat, knee-high boots, and a skirt. There was an air of confidence and sauciness exuding from her body language. The man with her was a scruffy fellow, with short brown hair, a captain’s coat, and a pair of boots.

And they were not shy at all.

People approached the kissing booth eagerly, like moths to a flame. The chaperones swept them off their feet, with electric energy. Tongues swirled, bodies pulled in close, fingertips danced with wild hair. My friends and I watched in awe as people stumbled away after their kisses, star-crossed and in an ecstatic daze.

Some of my students were also present to witness this kissing booth. I just finished teaching my Pleasure Mastery Workshop, which included an introduction to erotic blueprints that helped them figure out their personal ways they enjoy receiving pleasure and touch (Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky and Shapeshifter). We gleefully tried to guess who had which erotic blueprint, as we watched each kiss.

Suddenly, the dark-haired woman behind the booth took a step back. Goosebumps crept up my body as I followed her gaze to a pirate-like man that made his way in front of her. He was muscular yet slim, at least a foot taller than her. His hair was dark and beard a little disheveled.

My friends and I fell silent, anticipating what would happen next as their eyes and bodies locked onto each other. You couldn’t tell who was the hunter and who was the prey, as we waited for the next move.

Another spark of flame appeared from the kissing booth, illuminating the sparks in their eyes.

Their bodies collided in an embrace and she began to challenge him, softly pushing him away. He pulled her back in, closing the space between them. His breath grazed against her neck as he explored her, whispering secrets that were meant for her only. She gasped softly and met his words with quivering knees. Her hips pushed against his. They met for a kiss, starving to get a taste of each other.

His ravenous hands traced throughout her body, rubbing and playing with her breasts over her shirt as her hand made its way over his pants. Their breathing was heavy and hungry.

Then she playfully pushes him back one last time. She looks him in the eye, daringly. He steadies his breath, collects his focus, and begins to close the distance between them, one step at a time. Knowing exactly what she wanted, she stood firm, ready for him to take her.

With a knowing precision, he reached behind her neck and grabbed her by the hair. Her eyes widened as his fingers were thrust up her skirt. The gasps turned into moans as her whole body shook and melted in his hands.

My friends and I watched joyfully, definitely turned on. We turned to each other to guess the erotic blueprints of their energy - “Oh definitely psychologically kinky with the hair pulling, yet energetic with the tease and anticipation and connection!” As we giddily turned our attention back to the couple, they were already gone and disappeared into the night.

This is only one of many fond memories I have of the events I attend. The body language, chemistry, and open communication between people are several things I love about being a Sexual Empowerment Coach. I take joy on observing these encounters and witnessing their public displays of passion. These moments are applied to helping my clients understand how a single moment can be transformed into pure ecstasy.

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