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What is a Sexual Empowerment Coach? 

Sexual Empowerment Coaching is designed to help ambitious individuals & couples reach the goals of sexual empowerment, deepen connection, and have the sex life of their dreams. Together we clarify goals and identify obstacles or problematic behaviors in order to create fun action plans, make positive change and achieve the desired results of the client.

I specialize in the Erotic Breakthrough Course™, an 8-session, comprehensive system that was designed to create breakthroughs & get transformation. I'll show you step-by-step how to feed, speak, heal, and expand all five of the Erotic Blueprints; Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, and Shapeshifter.

One-on-One Coaching with Jessie


Jessie will be your personal cheerleader who guides you through the Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough course with private, confidential, video chat sessions that are tailored specifically to your needs. Don’t worry, we’re learning about Erotic Blueprints but no one’s getting naked! You can do that on your own time. This package will include eight, 60-90 minute sessions weekly or bi-weekly, flexible for your schedule. Jessie holds you accountable and supports you while you get the results you desir

  • Module 1: Orientation- set up for success

  • Module 2: Core Erotic Blueprints™- mapping out your wiring

  • Module 3: Deliciously Determining Blueprints- how to determine your own & partners

  • Module 4: Frequently Feeding the Blueprints- how to touch & please any blueprint

  • Module 5: Seductively Speaking the Blueprints- body language, words to use to create turn on!

  • Module 6: Healing the Blueprints- overcoming obstacles & healing blocks

  • Module 7: Expanding the Blueprints- exploring new territory

  • Module 8: Hot Sex for a Lifetime

For more information about the Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Course, contact me.