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What is an Intimacy Coach? 

Intimacy Coaching is designed to help ambitious individuals & couples reach their goals of deeper connection, mutual understanding, and increased sexual satisfaction. Together we clarify goals and identify obstacles or problematic behaviors in order to create a fun action plan, make positive change and achieve the desired results of the client.

I specialize in the Erotic Breakthrough Course™, an 8-session, comprehensive system that was designed to create breakthroughs & get transformation. I'll show you step-by-step how to feed, speak, heal, and expand all five of the Erotic Blueprints; Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, and Shapeshifter.


Private Coaching with Jessie

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Jessie will be your personal cheerleader who guides you through the Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough course, customized to your needs, created by Jaiya, an award winning author & Somatic Sexologist with over 20 years of expertise.

Don’t worry, we’re learning about Erotic Blueprints but no one’s getting naked! You can do that on your own time.

This package will include eight, 60-90 minute confidential video chat sessions weekly or bi-weekly, flexible for your schedule, homework to practice your new skills and other exciting bonuses! Jessie holds you accountable and supports you while you get the results you desire.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the Erotic Breakthrough Course has for you:


Schedule a Possibility Call today, so we can take a look at what you’re wanting for your sex life, brainstorm ways to get it, and see if we’re a good fit!


Client testimonials…

Thanks for coaching me to better look at my sexuality in new ways with fresh eyes and an open heart.
Before I started the Erotic Breakthrough Course I felt stagnant. I had been stuck in a bad marriage that was completely devoid of intimacy for many years. My confidence in my sexual abilities was pretty low, my body image was not good, and I felt pretty overwhelmed by the thought of trying to have a sexual relationship with someone.
My interactions with you have allowed me to dig deeper, unload some baggage, receive reassurance, have a sounding board, and be supported during this process.
Now I’m more comfortable with myself – my desires, my body, my ability to communicate my wants to someone else, and owning that I am who I am and that I don’t have to change myself to please somebody else. I feel like I’m ready to test out some of this stuff with a partner and the thought of doing this is more exciting than scary.”

”Doing the Erotic Breakthrough Course™ has created more emotional connection, trust, and pleasure than we’d ever had. It has been SO valuable for me to be learning how to feed my partner’s Energetic blueprint, and to have some real successes doing so. We knew there was a disconnect there, but we didn’t have the language to communicate effectively about it before now.”

”Before I started this program with Jessie, I felt deep shame around sexuality. I felt like I had to hide my sexual energy because it was too big and overwhelming which made me feel shutdown in my mind and body.  Because of this hiding, I was attracting men who were emotionally vague and unavailable.  Jessie helped me claim my desires and my need for real intimacy and touch. This work started a deeper process of falling in love with these parts of me. Now I am able to really know and trust myself to be honest with my feelings, needs, and desires and I feel truly confident in communicating them.”

“I was struggling intensely with casual dating and flirtatious interactions, I had low self-confidence in my ability to be present in a sexual intimate space. I invested in myself by doing the Erotic Breakthrough Course with Jessie. I learned I’m a shapeshifter, this was super powerful, and revolutionized my self-image. Through this process, I was able to re-own aspects of myself and recognize how much I really appreciate & embody them. Now I’m engaging in a new relationship in a fun way with these new tools. We’re creating a conscious relationship. I’m EMPOWERED.