Erotic Blueprints™

Erotic Blueprints are a new discovery in sexuality that reveal how we're individually wired for pleasure.

Benefits of the Erotic Blueprints™:

  • They provide a deep understanding of your sexualities needs and desires.

  • Guide you to deep love & hot passionate sex for a lifetime.

  • Help you discover who you are & what turns you on erotically.

  • Bring compassion & understanding to your relationship with self & partners.

  • Adds a whole new skill-set to your love life.

  • Creates lasting passion & sexual satisfaction.

  • Healing of sexual shame, guilt & pain.

  • Gain access to erotic ecstasy.

  • Support in feeling heard, seen, understood & validated. 

The 5 Erotic Blueprint™ types:

shapeshifter 6.jpg

Erotic Blueprints are the key to sexual empowerment.

Discover what satisfies your Erotic Blueprint type: