About Me


My story:

Before I found the Erotic Blueprints™, I was aching to feel sexually understood. My sexual needs were starving to be met. My partner and I had sparse moments of feeling sexually fulfilled. I felt shame, guilt and wronged for my needs. The majority of our sexual interactions felt confusing, frustrating and left us both feeling angry and hungry for satisfaction. We both had felt passion, connection and satisfaction but we couldn’t solve the riddle of what made it that way or how to reproduce it. Pleasure was an unsolvable rubix cube.

Then I discovered Jaiya, the founder of the Erotic Blueprints™. Through her mentorship I learned why sex techniques only get you so far, that in fact, the wrong technique on the wrong person can be a turn off & even uncomfortable. I invested in myself, enrolled in the Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Course and have experienced complete transformation.

Since discovering the Erotic Blueprints™ I have a polished awareness of my needs & desires.  I learned exactly what turns me on, how to communicate what that looks & feels like exactly, and I’m expanding into new areas of discovery. I understand my partner’s unique blueprint, their turn ons, turn offs, challenges and super powers. My partner and I have a mind blowing, vibrant & healing sexual connection. We are having the most delicious sex.

About Me... 

Hi, my name is Jessie. I help people cultivate thriving sexualities so they can explore all that is erotically possible. I do this because I was struggling in my partnership. It wasn’t the best, we had a lot of challenges when it came to meeting each others needs sexually. We found a way to navigate those challenges with the Erotic Blueprints™. I like being able to share this with others because their’s a science to sexual satisfaction and fulfillment and it’s nothing to shy away from or be ashamed of. I seek to help people understand that.

You deserve a great sex life! Sex is so much more than intercourse. Sex is natural, healthy, inspiring, pleasurable, sacred, worth celebrating & vital to a fulfilling life.

My mission is to help people overcome suffering, transform shame & become guilt free in their sexuality by providing the skills, tools, and education for ultimate empowerment.

How did I get here? My journey began with studying yoga for six years and diving deep into the mind, body & spirit connection. I wanted to know more, which lead me to earn a Bachelors in Psychology where I learned how the human mind & behavior functions. In addition, I earned a Minor in Gender and Sexualities which made me hungry for more understanding about sexual chemistry, compatibility, and what’s more to sex. I am a nerd/ hacker for personal growth, wellness, psychology, & relationships because I’ve struggled in these areas which made me yearn to master them.