Upcoming Workshops:

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November 9, 4-7pm, $45 @ SomaSpace


How do you wish to receive touch?
What are your erotic desires?
Are you able to ask for them?

Let's take a journey into the heart and soul of your erotic desires, the ones you know and the ones you are yet to become aware of.

We'll explore and find new depths of sensuality, authentic expression, and erotic possibility.

At this intentional women’s gathering, we’ll be using the medicinal properties of Cacao to explore sensuality through new eyes. The mystical properties of Cacao are used to invigorate your connection to your intuition and provide peak mental clarity so you can tap into and speak what you truly desire.

You'll learn about the different flavors of desire and acquire tools to enhance your capacity to feel and express them. You'll explore through movement, breath work, and partnered exercises in a safe and supported environment. This will open the doorway to become a more dynamic and conscious lover.

*Open to all women & femme-identifying persons.*
*Space is limited to maintain an intimate experience for everyone, please pre-register.*

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November 23, @ Sanctuary, $20

January 19, @ Shebop, $25

Do you know what your Erotic Blueprint™ is? It's the unique map to your arousal! Haven't heard of these blueprints? Don't worry, it's a new discovery in sexuality. There are 5 types: Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, & Shapeshifter. Each blueprint has very specific turn ons, turn offs, superpowers and challenges. 

In this workshop, Jessie Fresh will teach you all about your own Erotic Blueprints needs and desires, as well as any lover you encounter. Whether you're single and craving satisfaction, together and feeling alone or unfed, or hot and taking it to the next level, this workshop is sure to teach you something orgasmic! Erotic Blueprints may be the foundation to greater understanding, therefore greater sexual satisfaction, and eventually pleasure mastery.

Class will include both an educational component and a live demo, teaching you how to somatically test on the body for what turns you on (no nudity required). Bonus: you'll learn a sexy game to discover your highest states of arousal!

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Since the dawn of time, spanking has brought pleasure and pain to all kinds of booties. What's your favorite kind of spanking? Firm yet gentle? Over the knee? Have you ever tried rhythmic spanking or been spanked into a trance-like state? This workshop will help you explore all of that — and more!

In this class, we’ll get into the biology behind why spankings can feel so delicious, how to use your hands and tools for the yummiest delivery, warm up (a key ingredient), placement of spanks so they become orgasmic, how to "read" your partner, negotiation and consent, ergonomics, and aftercare. We'll also get into how you can customize the experience for the bottom's Erotic Blueprint, whether they're energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky, or a shapeshifter. This class will include a hot live demo.

February 23, 7:30-9pm, $25 @ Shebop

Great Sex During Pregnancy, Postpartum & Early Parenthood


September 5th, @ Shebop, Portland, $15

Are you a new parent puzzled by how and when to fit sex into your busy life? Expecting and wanting to know how to have great sex during pregnancy and/or postpartum? This workshop by educators Amory Jane and Jessie Fresh takes a fun, thoughtful, and realistic approach to staying physically intimate and emotionally connected through pregnancy, postpartum, and the first couple years of parenthood.

Amory Jane and Jessie Fresh will challenge traditional ideas about sex and kink for pregnant and postpartum bodies, go over positions that work well during all three trimesters, and share advice on how to have great sex through hormone changes, exhaustion, and new identities. We'll also focus on postpartum healing, what to expect or prepare for after you or your partner have given birth, and how to communicate through so many major transitions. We'll also answer any questions you may have, such as how to date each other again after becoming parents, where to have sex if you're co-sleeping, and much much more!

AJ and Jessie hope to create an inclusive class for all kinds of people who may be going through major life, relationship, and body changes due to pregnancy hormones or becoming parents. This includes queer parents, people who are parents after adopting, sex after surrogacy or pregnancy loss, and "non-traditional" parents who may or may not be genetically related to offspring they are helping to raise.

Amory Jane is veteran sex educator and mother of a toddler, with a background in Couples & Family Therapy. Jessie Fresh is a licensed Erotic Coach who has over 13 years of experience in early childhood development, and who engineered a way to thrive in her sex life during postpartum. They are both passionate about supporting parents to have more love, connection, and joy in their lives.

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More dates coming soon!

Everyone has a unique route to turn on. Understanding your unique route as a highly sensitive person can increase your access to orgasmic superpowers. This class will help you understand your needs & desires with a highly sensitive nervous system. We'll go over touch skills, communication tools, body awareness & creating safety so you can feel like a highly sensitive badass.

Bonus: the Herb Shoppe is providing an aphrodisiac herb blend to support your sexual health and wellness. 

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Saturday, April 6, 6:30-8:30pm $30

Cannabis + Fitness + Wellness

You're invited to explore the joy in your body with me
at the next Mary Jane Fonda,
a Cannabis + Fitness + Wellness event.

We'll be exploring the Erotic Blueprints™ with the embodiment of plant medicine CBD or THC (or both), sassy stretching, music, & soothing self-touch (non-genital) during a guided meditation.


June 22, 7-9PM @ Sanctuary, $20

Description: Erotic language is one of the hottest tools for creating turn on that lingers all day. Dirty talk when spoken authentically and confidently can seduce, tease, heighten arousal, deepen connection, and increase sexual satisfaction.

In this class, you’ll learn how to confidently speak, text or email phrases to make someone hungry for you. Sexual Empowerment Coach, Jessie Fresh will go over the basics of erotic communication; what to say, how to say it, when to say it, how to find your authentic voice so you can feel inspired to speak for turn-on, and how you can customize the experience for your partner’s Erotic Blueprint, whether they’re energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky or a shapeshifter.

Pleasure Mastery Workshop Reviews...

Without attending your Pleasure Mastery Workshop, I would’ve never had the faith & strength to explore my kinky side. I was still “in the closet” and not wanting to rock the boat. This class showed me why I was feeling dead inside. It helped me to know it was okay to find myself for the good of all around me.
Your workshop was life changing for me. I’ve been dating a new lady and she’s an energetic and I realized I am too! I’ve been having the juiciest sex of my life!
I have been around many different types of sexuality and explored my own in depth. From Tantra, to conventional, to BDSM, and even leading Sex Positive communities, I never have a come across such an accessible and fun vocabulary for exploring preferences.
Off the charts phenomenal would just begin to describe our experience at the last Pleasure Mastery Workshop! We came away with so much more than we could have ever expected. A few short hours spent with Jessie and company truly exposed areas of sexual enlightenment that mysteriously had been hiding just below the surface. Wowed by what we learned only left us longing to know more. Thank you Jessie for this awesome gift. We are both excited to discover more through your program!