Erotic Blueprints

The 2-Minute Quiz to a More Fulfilling Sex Life…

The very thought of talking about sex and pleasure might make you squirm with discomfort.

We’re taught that being sexually aware is taboo.

These are the blocks that prevent us from having truly fulfilling and pleasurable moments with ourselves & our partners.

Your workshop was life changing for me. I’ve been dating a new lady and she’s an energetic and I realized I am too. I’m having the juiciest sex of my life.
— Nikki

You’ve heard of the Five Love Languages?
The Erotic Blueprint takes it a step further.

This quiz reveals what your innermost desires are so you can better communicate that with your partner.

The Blueprints are broken down into five different archetypes:

  • ENERGETIC: Lovers of teasing, anticipation, and denial plays. Those that have an Energetic Blueprint prefer the slow build up, leading to an intense release. They are sensitive and love to take their time.

  • SENSUAL: The ones that love to be swept away in romance. They enjoy losing themselves in the moment, intoxicated by having all their senses engaged.

  • SEXUAL: Loves the directness and predictability of sex. They want the simplicity of sex, penetration leading to orgasm. There is a feeling of relaxation and calm in how straightforward sex should be.

  • KINKY: Deep, dark desires are found in the Kinky ones. They thrive in power dynamics and experimenting with things that could be considered taboo.

  • SHAPESHIFTER: The adventurous one, who gets turned on by all of the above. They keep an open mind and would try anything once.

I discovered exactly who I am through my erotic blueprint. I revealed my deepest desires, my strongest turn offs, how my deepest needs were starving, how to get fed and break through pleasure ceilings.

Ready to Learn your Erotic Blueprint?

Take this short, 2-minute quiz, to learn more about your Erotic Blueprint and how you can use that Blueprint to create an understanding, and fulfilling sex life.

(P.S. Have your partner take this quiz too so you can learn what they truly desire from you.)

My Story with the Erotic Blueprint…

Hiya. My name is Jessie and I am the face behind

I was first led to the Erotic Blueprints because I was too scared to tell my partner what I wanted out of a sexual relationship. In fact, I could hardly pinpoint what I wanted.

I felt lost, confused, and ashamed of my needs.

For years, I bit my lip and stayed quiet about it.

Since discovering the Erotic Blueprints, I found the confidence in myself to speak up about what I want. My needs were finally being communicated.

Now, my partner and I have passionate, incredible experiences, after learning more about our individual needs.

To learn more about your own Erotic Blueprint, take the quiz below.